Introducing Canapés, the Beautiful Little Sweetness of Events

For those who have celebrated weddings or organized events in Bali, you are certainly familiar with this beautiful delicacy. Although small in size, canapés are incredibly charming with their stylish presentation and appetizing colors.

Canapés are small-sized dishes typically used to welcome guests, especially during special events or celebrations in France. Canapés have gained popularity and are frequently served in Bali, considering the numerous events involving foreign visitors who are vacationing on the island. For them, canapés are the perfect companion to enjoy the sunset with refreshing drinks.

Canapés usually offer a variety of sweet and savory options, catering to different tastes. Lopodo Catering Canggu, one of the catering services in Bali, includes canapés in its menu selection. With over 100 types of canapés and a diverse range of sweet corner options, there’s something for everyone.

Some popular canapé choices frequently selected include Fried Spring Roll, Mini Burger, Mini Chicken Waffle, Arancini balls, and Gado-Gado Shot.

If you are curious to try Lopodo Catering’s canapés, you can visit Lopodo Café Canggu at Jl. Raya Tibubeneng No.7x or contact the Sales Representative at 087739992696.